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Taser Certificate Taser User Training & Certification

Although, TASER User Certification is not required to own or carry a TASER, it may come in handy to show that you had proper training and you didn't use it in negligent way. Most importantly, you will learn how to safely and effectively deploy your TASER device including drawing from the holster, aiming, shooting, reloading, maintenance, changing the batteries and safety procedures.

Our Price: $99.00
Taser Pulse Taser Pulse

The TASER Pulse brings safety in today's world. Using the same less-lethal technology as law enforcement Pulse model is designed with civilian in mind. Compact design makes it easy to carry and conceal.

TASER Bolt 2 (White) TASER Bolt 2 (White)

The TASER Bolt 2 energy weapon is the newest civilian self-defense device from public safety’s most trusted partner. Don’t let the discreet look fool you – the Bolt 2 can help you establish up to 15 feet of safety and up to 30 seconds of full lockup on an attacker.